Online Address Search

Get accurate addressing today!

AddressWizard enables your customers to enter their address quickly and accurately on your web site by accessing the 100 million addresses on the address database.

Thanks to our new simple registration you can now have AddressWizard on your own web page in just a couple of minutes.

All demographic information is held and maintained on our servers. Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Group use the latest On-line Analysis tools to provide you with on-line access to vital marketing information delivered entirely through a standard web browser.

With AddressWizard your customers enter their zip code on your address form, AddressWizard is then invoked and their correct postal address is returned back to your form within seconds. The address database is stored on our servers. No software or data has to be installed.

Critical resources from within your IT department can focus on delivering your core solution while we focus on delivering you with Business Intelligence solutions.